Outfit Tips for the 4th of July

The 4th of July is right around the corner, so make sure you don’t get caught last minute without the perfect outfit! It’s by far the best holiday of the summer: lighting the BBQ, spending the day with friends, and watching fireworks throughout the evening… and you can be sure everyone is going to want to post a ‘Happy 4th of July’ picture on instagram. So, make sure you are photo ready and are instagram’s best dresses on this national holiday. To cause some serious outfit envy, follow this guide to having the perfect outfit on the 4th! No one is going to look better than you at the party or on your timeline…resize

The Fourth is NOT a Music Festival
Ever since Coachella became mainstream and developed it’s own ‘festival style’ people have translated this look into other festivities as well. People go all out in little clothing as if it were a festival. They wear atypical makeup, body tats, and, worst of all, they wear flower crowns. Now, I need to stop here to make a disclaimer – I do not dislike flower crowns, in fact, I LOVE flower crowns…. however, I HATE themed, mass produced, or cheap flower crowns. And I especially hate flower crowns worn in inappropriate settings… At this point, it is a personal choice, but I’ll warn you, just because it is a holiday, does not mean you should leave your house looking like you are headed to an American themed Music Festival. Put down the flower crown, step away from the bindi stickies, and I beg you do not wear a patriotic head dress… Instead, put a real flower (or two) in your hair, wear lolita sunglasses, flag sunnies, or maybe a bandana.
Day to Night
Since 4th of July festivities always extend into the night for fireworks, you will want to plan ahead for a day to night look. A great way to do this is wear versatile pieces like cigarette pants or jeans. You can also opt to bring a matching cardigan, sweater, or jacket (don’t forget to check the weather!). However, regardless of what you are wearing, one way to help your look last throughout the fireworks is to refresh your makeup. Bring along facial wipes and whatever you may need to freshen up. Keep it limited to essential and pack it into a compact wristlet so you are not responsible for carrying around a clunky purse all day.
Go Nautical
If you are hesitant about doing a blatant patriot look, or just want to go with a slightly different theme, a classic style you can achieve is a nautical influence. Boat shoes, sailor dresses , rope details, anchors, nautical rompers, pinup or 50’s cuts and hemlines are a definite ‘do’ for the 4th as they are ofter the same color scheme. This look is very playful so keep it simple and don’t over do it. If you are already wearing a flag shirt you may not want to incorporate to many nautical items.
NO Heels
(Unless the occasion is right) Typically, the 4th of July tends to be a pretty laid back holiday in a casual setting… and then there’s always that one person who had to wear some American Flag heels. While you admire her patriotism, you can’t help but wonder, ‘what was she thinking’ as she inches her way across the grass towards the chips…. Don’t be that girl. The closest you could get to this is wedges or Jeffrey Campbell Lolitas, but even those are pushing the envelope and only work in the appropriate setting. Otherwise, stick with some flats, espadrilles, or white sneakers, which happen to be very trendy at the moment (Adidas anyone?).
Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again? Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin like a house of cards, one blow from caving in? You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine, just own the night like the 4th of July ‘Cause, baby, you’re a firework. Come on, show ’em what you’re worth, make ’em go, “Aah, aah, aah” As you shoot across the sky-y-y… If you want a little more dazzle than just red, white and blue, why not match the fireworks?!?! Sparkle and shine, I’m sure Katy Perry would approve. But don’t over do it or you risk going from chic to cheesy in a snap.
resize-3 resize resize-1
resize-2Independence Day Don’ts 
One crucial part of dressing for the 4th is to not go overboard with the colors. Keep in mind you are wearing 2 out of 3 primary colors and so mixing these up too much can make an outfit look sloppy. Try to have one shade of each color throughout your outfit, i.e. don’t wear two different shades of blue with two different shades or red. If you can, try to stick with one as a base color and the other as an accent color. Or, if this still seems risky, wear your base color as white or black and add both or either as accents. Additionally, don’t wear a couple different multi colored items at once. Got on some blue and red shoes? Don’t throw on a blue and red dress and a blue and red hat. Where you can try to break up the colors with white. Last, only wear one flag print at a time, but I know you have heard this before. Remember, you are patriotic or nautical INSPIRED not LITERAL.

WHAT’S TRENDING NOW? Summer and Fall 2015

With every major fashion authority producing an endless stream of articles on what the new trend is, it can be hard to stay up to date and figure out what to buy. So, we put together a one-stop shop of current and upcoming trends from top reports to keep in mind while shopping for summer and fall. My advice on trends is to use them as guidelines, not as rules. For example, if you want to get new stylish clothes, but nothing specific, and need an informed suggestion. Otherwise, there is no rule that if you don’t wear all trends, all the time, you won’t be in style.


  1. Dresses and Gladiators (Summer)

The FIndex — Fashion Innovation Index — is based on survey data obtained from a representative sample of CollegeFashionista.com’s 600 “style gurus,” who report on fashion trends at college campuses around the world. Style gurus are a curated group of college-age students who possess a keen eye for new style trends in all realms of the fashion industry. According to these gurus, dresses, specifically mini dresses, and boho gladiators are in. Additionally, Kate Spade and Urban Outfitters are great trending go-to stores that cover a wide range of styles.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 1.04.56 PM


  1. Statement Clutches, Slides/Mules, Bucket Bags, One Pieces (Current)

Phew…. that was a lot. The above are trends from Nylon’s ‘Trend Page‘ that I have seen pop up in many other places. I filtered out the smaller topics, however, like statement earrings, so you don’t have to! Some trends, like these clutches, are more of a ‘hit’ trend than others – perfect for making a bold statement, but may not stay on top for long.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 1.59.54 PM

  1. Denim (Current)

Literally every single fashion site/expert/column/blog/magazine has in some capacity covered the denim trend. Specific trends include midi skirts, bell bottoms (more on that later), jackets, skinny jeans ripped at the knee, dresses, overalls, rompers and jumpsuits. (Here is a guide to wearing denim).

Here are some street style examples from Governors Ball 2015 where denim styles were seen.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.04.43 PM

  1. White Sporty Sneakers (New)

This trend began in Europe and is making its way to the US. It is still a newer trend so it is a great opportunity to be ahead of the crowd. Blogger Chiara Ferragni has posted a couple pics over the last week with these and Fashionista.com has featured them as well. I recommend Adidas, Converse, platform sneakers (double trend points!), or shopping Asos for some digs.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.08.34 PM

  1. 70’s (Summer/Fall)

It started with music festival and platform shoes and has expanded to bell bottoms, ‘gauzy gowns, flares, and a spirit of globe-trotting eclecticism on catwalks from Burberry Prorsum to Lanvin…. there’s no shortage of proof that peace and love are still in’ (Style.com). My advice? If you were ever upset bell bottoms went out of style, NOW is the time to bring ’em back, loud and proud… along with any other 70’s items you just could not part with.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.12.56 PM




  1. Goth Girl (Fall, Bold)

Givenchy fall collection anyone?? Reported on Nylon, Asos, and Style.com, the fashion goth look is a great fall trend… that you can surprisingly wear for summer too. Essentially, it means wearing all black with moody or victorian vibes. As this is a very costumey yet mono-toned trend, you can go pretty far with it and still look stylish. For the beach you can wear ‘crystal necklaces and weird lipstick’ with a very cute black kimono by Zara that is actually a perfect item to transition into fall. If you want to go more micro trend,  you can try doing a pastel goth look… but that is a whole other post, so if you don’t know what that is, I recommend doing a search. 😉Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.17.53 PM




  1. Yellow (Current)

Did you know ZaraTopshop, and Nasty Gal all have ‘trending now’ pages? Did you know yellow items are present on ALL within the first five items? If you need some tips on how to wear this color, click here. It may not be the most welcoming tone, but mad style points if you dare.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.21.07 PM

Declining Trends – Uggs, Normcore, Peplum, Vintage Clothing, and Wedge Sneakers.

Bottom line – If you feel like you are stuck on what to buy, trends are a great guide, or, if you have been dying to wear one of these, it is a great time to go all out. But, if you just aren’t into something, don’t invest in it… or go try a less expensive version from F21 before you really commit. Vice versa, if something you like is not on trend, that doesn’t mean you should not wear it! Word to the wise, it is nearly impossible to constantly stay on top of every trend, this should not be something to lose sleep over.


Summer Traditions – The San Diego County Fair

The San Diego County Fair (AKA the Del Mar Fair if you’re local) is one of San Diego’s greatest summer traditions. I can remember going almost every summer as a child with family \ and then even in high school with friends. Every year there would be the same rides and the same great fun but with new experiences to try, like this years deep fried starbucks (which was actually REALLY good, LOL). It’s nostalgic, familiar, new and unique all at the same time. You can’t help but be enchanted by the neon lights, flying rides, and all the lovely bright colors.

My absolute favorite ride is the pink victorian swing set that lifts you up and spins around. It feels like flying, it’s so fun. But I think the best part is just feeling like a kid again, tasting crazy concoctions like the deep fried Starbucks and running from ride to ride with tickets in your hand and a smile on your face.

One advantage though to being a bit older than my high school counter part though is that I am now quite a bit more stylish and going to the fair inspires quite a colorful outfit. I paired my H&M emerald furry open cardigan, black sandals, and Straw Shoulder Bag, with a For Love and Lemons top, Ecote shorts and a House of Harlow 1960 necklace.

To the Haute Pursuit, please consider the following set of pictures for your photography challenge! :)


San Diego County Fair at Dusk.. We had to wait for the sun to go down for the lights to come on. It was so awesome, taken on an iPhone 6 due to the fair restrictions.


These sandals were great for the fair, a small heels but still very comfortable and walkable.

IMG_9394 2


Lace Details.



Before heading to the fair we decided to spend the day like true kids and head to Pizza Port – debatably the best pizza in San Diego. I got the ‘Small Pizza Ocean Beach’ it had Portabella mushrooms, butternut squash, asparagus, roasted red peppers, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola and house made bacon. I know, this sounds a little crazy, but trust me, it’s killer.

San Diego Vintage Clothing Shopping! The Search for the Perfect Dress

This weekend I made a trip down to my hometown, San Diego, California! I visited my grandmother and went to the Del Mar Fair… er, the San Diego County Fair, for you non-locals. 😉

But once all the visiting and fair going had been done, it was time to hit up the best vintage clothing stores in San Diego in Hillcrest! If you haven’t been to Hillcrest, I highly recommend it, it’s like the West Hollywoon of SD… and let me tell you, this weekend, it was POPPIN’!!

I headed down to Flashbacks, their sister store, Lost and Found (across the street, for contemporary thrifting, 2000’s and newer) and to Buffalo Exchange to do some hunting. Well, I am going to tell you now I was very pleasantly surprised. While Buffalo Breath did not yield any results, both Flashbacks and particularly, Lost and Found, were epic and SO much fun.

One of my favorite things about vintage shopping is the fun you have with the wacky things you try on… but the best part is finding that true gem of a piece and I found two! I have been hunting for the dress in the picture below: Megan Drapers iconic blue dress from the Mad Men Season 7 premier. And guess what? I found an authentic black velvet dress from the 80’s that is so similar for just $15!

I literally walked into Flashbacks with this picture on my phone and said, 'Do you have anything like this??' The lady thought or a second and brought me back my black velvet dress!

I literally walked into Flashbacks with this picture on my phone and said, ‘Do you have anything like this??’ The lady thought or a second and brought me back my black velvet dress!

Vintage 80's Black Velvet Dress

Vintage 80’s Black Velvet Dress styled with a House of Harlow 1960 necklace.

IMG_3346 IMG_3347

Then, I went to Lost and Found where I found a ton of great pieces. There was Free People, MinkPink, and Brandy Melville, so it was more of a nice thrift shop than a vintage shop. Still, I came across a beautiful emerald Green Elizabeth and James dress. As the 70’s have been back on the runways this season and emerald is one of my favorite colors, I fell in LOVE the moment I looked in the mirror. It went perfectly with the black H&M sandals and woven cross body I was already wearing and for $22 I wore it out of the store!

IMG_3340 2


Little did the fashion attendants, myself, or anyone else know I had put the dress on backwards!! The zipper was supposed to go on the back but I thought wearing it in the front was correct! We only figured it out once I paid and found the price tag attached to the tag and it was in the ‘front’…. haha :) but I wore it out anyways because I liked it like that! LOL

IMG_3273 2IMG_3271 2

Finding this dress and wearing it my own way completed a perfect weekend in San Diego, it’s always fun to shop vintage and thrift!

IMG_3287 2IMG_3292 2IMG_3314 2IMG_3318 2

Dinner at the best sushi in San Diego, Sushi Ota.IMG_3322 2IMG_3323IMG_3324

How to Shop and Dress Like a Blogger

So, you want to be a fashion blogger? Well one thing you will need to accept is that this does not come cheap. While you will definitely be able to get away with a mix of high and low priced items, just accept the fact you will have to splurge on high end items from time to time. Which means two things: 1. If you are thinking ‘no’, then go down the frugal/younger blogger route 2. You will need to choose your items wisely – splurging must get you the results you want if you are going to invest that much $$$. Here are some tips on what items to buy, how to pick them, and what to look for in creating a blogger’s closet.


What to do BEFORE shopping

  1. Do your laundry. When you start thinking ‘I have nothing to wear,’ it is probably because all your favorite clothes are dirty. Use this as a guide and go through the rest of your closet that you were thinking of as ‘nothing’. This will give you insight on what to clean out of your closet and on your style.
  2. Organize your closet. Once you have your clean favorites fresh and back in action, and have had some realization of what you do or don’t wear, it is time to organize. you need to know exactly WHAT you have an WHERE it is.
  3. PURGE the unused and MEND the broken. A good rule of thumb: if wearing a piece does not instill confidence, or you haven’t worn it in 1+ years (aside from gowns and other rare occasion items) consider donating, selling or putting it in storage.
  4. Evaluate and revise. Ask yourself, why are you not wearing the things you don’t wear? Do you keep buying the same dress over and over thinking it is your style and then never putting it on….? On the other hand, what in your closet do you wear often? What do these pieces have in common? Here is were you really define your style, these are the clothes that you like, buy, and wear often… run with it.
  5. Lastly, plan your shopping trips. There is nothing more detrimental to curating an expert closet than the ‘I’ll just go to the mall and see what I find’ mentality. No, just no. Ask, what does my closet need (that I wear)? What is my budget (EVERYONE has a budget)? What season is it? One thing I like to do before hand is explore StyleSpotter for an hour or so before I decide on buying anything. This gives me a good idea of my options and since I can save items, I will often give myself 24 – 48 hrs before making my purchase and answering all the aforementioned questions. Plan before you purchase and you will get more out of your clothes.

Clothing Checklist – What to Look for in Clothes

  1. Confidence. Does it make you feel confident when you are wearing it? Does it make you feel like you struck gold when you found it, that ‘this is the piece I have been searching for my whole life’ feeling? Yes? Ok, that’s probably a good buy.
  2. Is it similar to the items you determined you regularly wear? By now you should know what style you gravitate towards.
  3. Does it fit you? This may seem obvious but if you want to be a blogger, and you know you are not going to get the item tailored, do not buy it no matter how much you love it if it does not fit. Deal breaker.
  4. Is it photogenic? This is a hard pill to swallow because this is a point where you have to realize you aren’t shopping for yourself, you are shopping for your aesthetic and for your readers. If a top you thought was cute and really like does not photograph nicely, well, honestly, what’s the point?
  5. Versatility and Uniqueness. Try to strike a balance between these two. While you will want to have a standout piece often to catch attention and peak interest, if every single item you wear is utterly unique. On the other hand, it will be hard to wear it in more than one outfit without looking repetitive and it will be hard to put together cohesive ensembles.

Shopping Tips

Once you have done some pre-shopping prep and know what you are looking for here are some tips to follow through purchase.

  1. Stay focused! Online or in store once you have already picked your item, there will undoubtedly be something else that catches your eye. While you may find an occasional gem, try not to get distracted by impulse buys, for the sake of blogging.
  2. Shop somewhere unique. So, you are now sure of what you are looking for, try discovering a (online) boutique where you can find something no one else will have.
  3. Stick to your favorite stores. It will help you develop an aesthetic. Personally, I LOVE For Love and Lemons, I save my $$ and purchase something roughly every other month, which bring up the last point.
  4. Save for big purchases. If you are shopping every week and then wonder why you always want more, it may be because you are not allowing yourself to truly appreciate, save for, and invest in an item you will feel accomplished in having. This will also help you know that you really want it by taking the time and effort to save. Realistically if you are ‘splurging’ $300 every 3 months, you only need to save $25 a week… that is doable, it’s all about the planning.

What to Buy

Ok, this is the nitty gritty, painstaking truth about blogging: if you don’t have some of the ‘it’ pieces of the season, your credibility will suffer. Remember when wearing a Livestrong Bracelet or Tattoo choker made you instantly cool? This is similar, but on a more elite level. The following are some options – an Isabel Marant knitted sweater, a Chloe shoulder or crossbody bag, Charlotte Olympia flats, Karen Walker sunglasses, an Equipment classic silk blouse, Dior sunglasses, Stella McCartney shoes, Balenciaga boots, Kate Spade (or Marc Jacobs/other designers) iPhone case, Chloe dress, Vince Allison mules, SJP shoes, a Furla mini cross body, and Elizabeth and James jewelry. (To find all these items click here).

Now, this isn’t to say go out and buy all these items to become a hit blogger, but knowing what high end pieces will be worth the splurge in social cred and picking 1 or 2 will really strengthen your image. I can guarantee you no major fashion blogger will have a wardrobe entirely comprised of F21, UO, Zara, and Topshop. My advice for allocating your budget is to buy basics for less, exclusively hunt the fast fashion stores for only their items of quality, and lastly, carve out a hefty budget for 1 – 3 hit pieces per season. In the long run, this will help you build a valuable closet. Last tip – if there is ever an item over $150, I always try to make sure I absolutely cannot find anywhere else, then you know it’s worth it.


Finally, Be UNIQUE

Ultimately, the best rule is to be individual and be yourself. You cannot have a successful blog if you don’t have your own image… but if you want people to envy your outfit, you’ll need to throw in a somewhat unattainable ‘it girl’ piece here and there.



Cassandra Cadwell

Newport Beach

This past weekend I went to Newport beach for a relaxing weekend of casual exploring and lots of eating. We stopped by the Montage Hotel and ate at Javier’s by the ocean and Fig and Olive. I wore a couple of my For Love and Lemons pieces and my Free People Wrap Slip, which I am IN LOVE WITH.

I also brought along my new Furla Mini Candy bag. I was excited to get this but honestly, it is so much more amazing than I could have imagined. The size, color (Marigold and Winter Rose) and structure is perfect. Its truly an amazing bag and worth getting!

Find the Free People dress, For Love and Lemons romper and Furla Mini HERE.

IMG_3087 IMG_3088 IMG_3092 IMG_3094 IMG_3096 IMG_3104


We had an olive oil flight at Fig and Olive, make sure to ask for bread! YUM! It was a rosemary, pepper and deep olive flavour with rosemary bread.

IMG_3065 4

Here is the ‘Mushroom, Artichoke, Truffle, Scallion, Parmesan’ crostini. We also got the ‘Manchego, Fig, Marcona Almond’ and a ‘Burrata, Tomato, Pesto, Balsamic’ crostini as well (pictured above).


TRUFFLE MUSHROOM CROQUETTE – Cremini mushroom, parmesan béchamel Truffle Olive Oil aioli I HIGHLY recommend this it was mouth watering! Delicious.


My Furla candy mini with a glass of piscine (strawberries and champagne) and a salmon benedict.



Thanks for reading!



Cassy California


I officially want to announce on my blog that I am on YouTube and back at blogging.




I will be taking a newer less writing dense approach, but will be linking my pictures to the writing I do for StyleSpotter Blog!

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