Asphalt Yacht Club

You know you’re at a true LA party when you hear a conversation behind you saying:

“Ahh this crowd is so Hollywood, I’m glad I made it out, everyone looks great”

“Yeah, definitely. But the PCH traffic was crazy getting here.”

This weekend I made my way out to the coast to the infamous Malibu Inn for the Asphalt Yacht Club launch party. This party was not only DJed by the phenomenal DJ Price, but was also open bar, so I was stoked knowing it was going to be sweet. What I did not predict, however, was how high profile it was until Paris Hilton and John Stamos showed up. But especially in seeing Ryan Philippe and Cisco Adler, who I truly adore saying hi to.

Making my way past the red carpet, photographers, guest list and bouncer (phew!), I was happy to see that the crowd was for the most part my age. I was even more excited when I saw a former teammate and friend of mine, Paulina, from high school… LA can be a small world after all. Like the conversation I overheard, the crowd was in fact very ‘Hollywood;’ upscale, well dressed, and social.

But the real treat was the new brand.

I was lucky to be given my first taste of AYC in the form of a gray beanie from Paulina, which, I actually have a particular weakness for. Seriously, gray beanies are my favorite at any hour. The beanie, much like the line, is well made, great quality and has the sophisticated logo stitched brilliantly on the front in black.

I’m not a huge fan of brand logos being displayed on the merchandise, but this logo is so enticing. Props to Scott, the man behind the brand.

At first it may be a little confusing to have skate apparel with the name ‘yacht club,’ but in catering to the exclusivity the brand is aiming for, it fits perfectly.

First let’s look at ‘Asphalt’. Asphalt is where skating happens. The everyday skater knows the unpredictable, rough, and rocky feeling of this unforgiving black surface. When you’re skating, it’s you, your board, and the asphalt. Then, the notion of this substance in the raw is alluring with its oily texture and pitch black color. And now, just say ‘Asphalt,’ and feel the word lurch out of your mouth a couple times when you say it.

Mix that concept with the sophistication and exclusivity of a yacht club.

This brand is the Asphalt Yacht Club. This is the exclusive club for those who know and respect what Asphalt is.

Yeah. You wanna join this club.

I’m so happy to introduce you all to this brilliant new California brand. It’s going to be amazing and you will love the products.

“Asphalt Yacht Club is going to flip the skate scene upside down.”- John (Sicky) Hildebrand

“AYC is going to be the Louis Vuitton of skate apparel” –Brennan Fitzgerald

me and paulina

Paulina and I!


Still loving my mirror Ray-Bans. Perfect for any afternoon event in Malibu! Here they are next to my fresh AYC Beanie.


The Malibu Inn

Here's how I wear my AYC beanie. I love the laid back look with a nice time piece, perfect for a casual Sunday.Thanks Paulina for the beanie!

Here’s how I wear my AYC beanie. I love the laid back look with a nice time piece, perfect for a casual Sunday. Thanks Paulina for the beanie!



100 Cal Banana Brownie

One of my favorite ways to cook is to use a microwave. It’s just so easy and fast….and being a cake lover as well, you can imagine my delight in discovering how to make the delicious Mug Cake.

Most of these recipes take about 10 minutes to make and produce quite an ample amount, but the Banana Brownie is my favorite because it takes about 3 minutes and is super low cal.

How it’s Made-

1 Banana

1 Egg

2 Tablespoons of Cocoa

2 Teaspoons of Sugar

Mash this all together in a mug then divide the batter into two mugs. Pop each in the microwave (separately) for 1 minute.

Yup that’s about it!

*If you want to mix it up, add ice cream, whipped cream or almond butter on top, or mix in chocolate chips or walnuts!

image (4)image (5)


This is a perfect guiltless indulgence. I especially love it after going out because it will totally satisfies those late night cravings without being difficult to prepare or messing up a day of healthy eating! Its also great as a chocolaty breakfast.


Each serving has: 112 calories, 3.1g of fat, 1.2 g saturated fat, 20.8 g carbs, 11.7 sugar, 4.4 protein, 3.1 fiber, 32 mg sodium

Health Benefits-

Banana (110 Cals)-

Fiber; appetite control

Potassium; Lower blood pressure, bone health, high nutrient absorption, digestive health

B6; anti-inflammatory agent that helps ward off cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, as well as obesity. Also helps the immune system and cell formation

Egg (70 Cals)-

Protein;Builds muscle, boosts the immune system and allows for healthy skin and nails, appetite control

B vitamin choline; cell membrane production, healthy nerves function, reduce chronic inflammation

Lutein and Zeaxanthin; protects your eyes

Cocoa Powder (25 Cals per 2 tbsp)-




Lowers cholesterol, reduces the risk of blood clots, increases blood flow to the arteries, lowers high blood pressure, boosts cognitive performance and provides essential minerals such as calcium and potassium



Nature’s Brew

After a wild night out, there is nothing better than sitting down with friends and sharing stories over brunch to cure an awful hangover. And here at USC, we especially love our Friday brunch. All the sororities and our favorite pancake house, Jacks and Joe, are our go-to places that provide us with mouthwatering eats to satisfy our cravings.

This summer, though, at the beginning of July, the team who brought us Bacaro LA opened a new café two doors down from their dinner lounge. I was ecstatic to hear this considering that Bacaro has some of the most delicious food around the SC area. They use fresh and unique ingredients that are creatively and deliciously prepared. Apply these standards to breakfast? I’m so there.

image_4 photo image_3

Walking into Nature’s Brew, I immediately fell in love. The first thing I noticed was that it smelled SO good! Seriously, so good.

It is absolutely adorable too, with pastel yellow walls opposing a brick wall and high ceilings, it has a very airy and earthy feel. This is slightly different from Jacks and Joes more comforting, familial ambiance. The art work on the walls was also interesting, and though not as cool as the interior of Bacaro, still very suitable for morning ambiance.

Walking up to the front to order, my friends and I were practically salivating over the baked goods by the register…everything looked amazing.

It took me a while to decide what to have, but ended up ordering the Smoked Salmon Omelet and the Vanilla Sky smoothie. Both were absolutely fantastic and I hardly had to wait for either, maybe 10 minutes. The omelet came with a spring greens salad and bread, which I exchanged for fruit, and was very filling ($7.25). The strawberry, pineapple, and vanilla (vanilla powder) smoothie came in a mason jar (oh so trendy!) and was not icy or watery. For $4.50 I’d say it was very fairly priced. They also have fun a green tea slushie drink that my friend got and fresh pressed juice, hooray for juice!


Personally, I’m not a huge fan of ordering at a register and then also having to carry my food to my own table, so the only thing I think might have been lacking was a food runner. Other than that, it was very relaxing with gentle music, not too noisy, and we all ate every bit of our brunch. It is a definite success and I’m so glad we have a healthier brunch option around USC, I can’t wait to go back and try the baked goods and juices!



In the sparkling world of Los Angeles, California, home to Hollywood and celebrities alike, the glimmering city lights inspire a girl to follow her ambitions…. and sometimes, just to put glitter on anything possible. Today I was feeling a case of the Mondays and so decided that what I needed was a little bit of shimmery glitz in my life.

What followed was some Mod Podge and ‘Crystal Diamond’ glitter being applied to my iphone charger, transforming it into a beautiful new piece of technology that reminds me of the tips of waves glistening in the summer sun. I was done in under 5 minutes and it was literally a cinch.

Here’s how I did it-

image (3)

photo (6)


Clear Nail Polish

Mod Podge- Michael’s $14

Crystal Diamond Glitter- Michael’s $3

                                                                          Paint Brush


1. Paint Mod Podge onto charger, careful to only coat the areas you want to glitter.

2. Cover said areas with glitter. (I poured some out onto a piece of paper and then dipped the wet sides of the charger into the glitter, but you can pour it on over a surface as well).

3. Wait for the Mod Podge to dry and then coat the glitter in clear polish.

image (1)

SO insanely easy and now I have an adorable and RECOGNIZABLE iphone charger. First world problem solved, and so much fun sparkle!


Me Without You

Just wrapped a sunny Saturday on set for my first leading role in a snappy music video about leaving your ex behind. The video has such a fun story line with a surprise ending that really conveys the mindset of moving forward and letting karma do the rest when someone can’t see your worth…. I can’t wait to show you guys the behind the scenes and introduce you to artists, Mike and Am., and directors, the Hirschberg brothers. But for now, here are some pictures from today!

Rapper, Am. making some magic happen.

Rapper, Am. making some magic happen.

Me with some...cops?! That's right, guess what role I play!

Me with some…cops?! That’s right, guess what role I play!

Love having a dancer on set! Catch the behind the scenes next week and watch him break it down, you might catch a back flip or two by yours truly ;)

Love having a dancer on set! Catch the behind the scenes next week and watch him break it down, you might catch a back flip or two by yours truly.

Huey Mack- Young Love

My first music video with the amazing Talkboy TV production company, Jaala Ruffman and Mikey Easterling, and artist Huey Mack.

Not only did I have the most amazing time on set in Malibu and Marina Del Rey, but the cast, crew, and styling team were so much fun to be with. It barely seemed like working at all, but more like a casual weekend party under the hot California sun.

The best part was getting to hear this amazing song play throughout the day. It is a perfect summer beat for anyone to rock out to, whether at the beach or chilling with friends on a hot summer night. Cisco Adler produces some of the most melodic, upbeat, California beach-vibey songs that I can never get out of my head. Young Luv is another amazing success for both Adler and upcoming rapper Huey Mack, I hope you love it as much as I do.


Summer Sessions-Mystery Skulls

Every Friday during the summer Warner Bros. Records hosts a small concert lunch at their offices. Thanks to a friend of mine, I was able to attend today’s featuring up and coming DJ Mystery Skulls.

He is a one man show from Venezuela, with a dreamy voice and talent for mixing. It was amazing to watch him DJ, sing, and mix his voice, all at once. If you like Zedd’s Clarity, you will like his style, check out his song paralyzed and some pictures from the event.